What are you escaping from by eating your emotions?

Most people are used to cope with unpleasant feelings by escaping to a world of distraction, reaction, inaction, or wrong action! And so in order to deal with a specific difficulty in life, a part of us develops mistakenly this destructive emotional eating habit, because we didn't know any better at that time... But this doesn't serve you anymore - there is a way to turn this around without diets, without forcing willpower on yourself, and without counting calories.

Your way out of this vicious cycle is the right action!

By reading this article, you will learn all the things you need to know to begin rewiring your healthy relationship with food and installing healthy lifestyle habits.

You will discover:


Reasons behind emotional eating... What are you escaping from? Be honest!

Most people are used to cope with unpleasant feelings by escaping to a world of distraction, reaction, inaction, or wrong action!

But the way out of this vicious cycle is the right action!

The right action will be to make yourself feel until you no longer need to be fed because of these feelings. Because when you are sad, you push that feeling of sadness with a cake or pizza. You knowingly suppress that part of yourself that is desperately trying to let you know something! As a result, your feelings start to come back stronger than before when you try to suppress them. As a result, you end up binge eating… But you can't win the war against yourself! You have pushed your feelings away, and they're going to keep coming back until you deal with them!

Instead of dieting, forcing, and beating up yourself, you can start observing and recognizing the emotions which trigger your food choices. Observe the pattern which emerges for you. Realising your triggers is really just the the first step.

After all, if you feel that eating makes things better and takes away all your pain, why hasn't it worked yet? Why are you still doing it?

What is triggering your food choice and eating behavior? Start taking notes on what, why, where, when, and you will discover your “Aha” moment!

If you are noticing such emotional eating, I recommend as the first step to observe and recognize what emotions trigger your food choices, without judging yourself.

You need to become aware of your specific emotional eating patterns. For example, you feel bad about something… unpleasant news, heartbreak, or stress from a hectic day, or if you feel sad, and so you eat ice cream. When you feel unloved, you eat a piece of cake. If you have had a terrible day and you are frustrated and stressed, you order a pizza or have a glass of wine.

Some emotional eaters see food as a reward after a stressful day that calms them down. These are tranquilizing eaters who get calmed down by eating. And it is true that after eating a plate of pasta for lunch, you'll find that you can enjoy a good afternoon nap.

Or you might be physically tired, but you have to complete this project and so you have coffee, cookies, or potato chips to keep you going as you may believe this is your source of energy. However, digestion takes energy away when you're tired. You eating these things doesn't give you energy because digestion sucks that energy.

The truth is that overeating will never help you gain this feeling of wellbeing or safety. Overeating will only suppress your immune system for such a long time that your mind and system get into confusion and inner conflict if you fail to realise the reason for it. You can't win the war against yourself!


How to access and re-activate your eating habits and rewire for a healthy lifestyle at the deepest mental level

We were born with a blueprint for a healthy relationship with food and wellbeing!

This is extremely evident in small children: they only eat when they are hungry. They don't crave sugar and are a perfect weight and comfortable in their skin. And this is how you were too! You can access that innate blueprint that we are all born with and re-activate your natural motivation for health & wellbeing. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t start with your decision in your head but installed at the unconscious automatic level.

Changing your eating habits with a challenging diet, discipline, and force doesn’t work because these methods are at the conscious level having merely a narrow focus of about 5% of our mental capacity.

To gain complete freedom from a destructive relationship with food and your body, you need to rewire at a deeper level without having to control what is on your plate. When you rewire at the deepest level, you see food from a new perspective!

Being human beings, we are hardwired to avoid defeat, but we are also hardwired to go towards pleasure and away from pain. This situation leads to inner conflict and associates a dieting regime with pain and discomfort. Do you want that? Of course not. Once you’ve had enough of the frustration, you will eventually give up and give in to your cravings! It can be a vicious cycle that is capable of eroding your self-esteem and confidence.

Our relationship with food is based on many hidden emotional drives and involves complex psychological aspects which operate at a deeper level. So, if we become able to tap into that other 95% of our internal resources and make the change at that deep unconscious level, there's no struggle.

It means when you rewire your eating habits at the unconscious level, there is no need to use willpower to try to compel yourself to be the way you want to be. Instead, it can just happen naturally and automatically.

"I believe that we were born with a blueprint for a healthy relationship with food!" Nell Puetter

Your unconscious system is working 24/7 for you in the background. It keeps track of twenty million bits of information per second, which includes your breath, blood circulation, nail growth, and everything else. This process happens automatically without your conscious awareness because it is naturally programmed that way.

So, you can let your unconscious mind manage a healthy lifestyle for you without consciously trying to force yourself. Without self-restrictions. Without diets. No more emotional eating. Just an easy congruent healthy lifestyle, intuitive healthy eating habits, and a happy body that you are proud of.

There is an easier way to a healthy lifestyle and your optimal body weight, if you re-activate your innate program, your blueprint for the healthy body you were born with!

Let your unconscious mind manage the healthy lifestyle for you, without consciously trying to force it! Without self-restrictions. Without diets. No more emotional eating.

Imagine a life where you never had to diet and restrict yourself again, because when you install healthy programs running at the unconscious level, then you naturally make healthy food choices, forever!


Say goodbye to self-restrictions and rewire a healthy relationship with food with ease!

What if we told you that there is a fast way to get to the root of your emotional eating issue and change them into the positive, empowering, eating habits and healthy lifestyle you want?

Known for her gentle approach and profound results, Nell Puetter designed the "CORE CALMFIDENCE in your body" exclusive 1:1 program to help you access your unconscious mind, reactivate your innate blueprint for health and wellbeing, and re-program for true fulfillment in life.

The "CORE CALMFIDENCE in your body" process uses the most powerful tools from different modalities such as Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Hypnosis, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and includes cutting-edge Core Transformation® methodology.

During this program, you will examine and gently shift the root cause of your emotional eating and re-activate your new healthy lifestyle, as one of the program’s aims is to help you gain confidence in yourself, empower you to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle, and achieve maximum lasting results in the minimum of time.

You may think you are here to change one thing, but gaining "CORE CALMFIDENCE in your body" will positively impact other areas of your life - from relationships to careers. Because operating from the place of innate calmness, clarity and confidence contribute heavily to your mental and emotional stability. This stability is the foundation of meaningful growth and fulfilling life.

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